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02 Statistics & Analytics

The CSR Host team includes expertise in data analytics.


      • Data mining, data scrapping and processing (both textual and numerical) from online and offline sources
      • Survey design and analysis
      • Detailed Explorative data analysis (EDA)
      • Comprehensive descriptive statistics
      • Rigorous Hypothesis testing
      • Comprehensive Inferential statistics and statistical learning methods
      • Modelling of complex datasets, including high-dimensional data in which the no. of variables can exceed the no. of observations, to make prediction and inference, according to all popular algorithms in the Classification, Clustering, and Regression frameworks


      • Economic modelling and data analysis for policy decision making and business strategy
      • Statistical modelling of economic data such as the development of Economic Impact Assessments
      • Time-series analysis. Forecasting and other statistical and machine learning modelling of macroeconomic variables, such as GDP, inflation, labour cost, oil price, productivity

Data science:

      • End-to-end machine learning projects
      • Drawing data from diverse sources through SQL and other processing engines
      • EDA
      • Feature engineering
      • Machine learning modelling
      • Deploying the modelling in-house or in the internet clouds


CSR Host Consultancy

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