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Social Value

Social value will only work in your favour if you can demonstrate tangible and quantifiable actions and benefits as you engage with your communities of interest. Creative Mission statements and bland policy documents no longer wash with contracting bodies.

SME’s must be rooted in the local community where the project will be delivered to gain significant advantage.

Local knowledge of the area, its issues and its needs create a real advantage and having first-hand knowledge about how your project implantation will be beneficial to the local environment and people will act in your favour.

Note, bodies that award public sector contracts have a legal responsibility to consider the social and environmental impacts of how the project is implemented. This is an opportunity your plans to consider no cash value creation.


A recent case for which we provided consultancy was successful in a healthcare sector tender process purely based on their Social Value Proposition.

  • We helped our client to organise synergistic collaboration a with VCSE organisations with healthcare delivery models.
  • We demonstrated how the Environmental Impact of the programme would be managed over the delivery term.
  • We explored and created training and work placements for economically inactive people in the local community in which the project was being delivered.
  • Finally, we hooked into 2 community schemes in partnership with the charities that ran them, with the targeted and relevant contribution of equipment and volunteers.

This is an opportunity for you to make strong strategic decisions.

You can find more information on the website.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss a compelling case for the social value you are able to offer.


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