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Our Business

Social Enterprises

Strategy & Business Planning

Strategic Direction

Let us work with you to shape the direction of your social enterprise. We can help you develop your strategy and refine your vision. By understanding what drives your business we’re able to guide you through change and implement new ideas.

Finance & Funding

Access Vital Capital

You are probably reading this because you are weighing up your options about how to finance your venture or how to cover the cost of an intervention. Having determined that your organisation needs money, the next question to consider is whether to seek out an investment, grant, loan or a blend of solutions. This is where we can find the route to finance that is the right fit for your enterprise.




Programme & Project Management

Successful Projects

Impact Management is a framework for defining method for establishing an enduring impact measurement process. Our objective is to outline a data/outcome-oriented roadmap for your organization to follow, leading to more accurate and effective communication of your impact to multiple stakeholders.




Cultural Shift

Build Good

Your organisation is comprised of people and we all know the impact a motivated team can have. We are reminded that sales revenue and profits are simply the end result of what people do. Profits come from customers, by way of staff, and financial results are the outcome of these personal interactions. We can help you to build leadership and introduce new behaviours and provide the right kind of support to ensure your people thrive and drive in a changing environment.




Impact Management

Be Outcomes Oriented

Helping you to define an impact framework that is practical, enduring, and based on effective communication, delivered by combining the right people, knowledge and technologies. We help you to deliver well designed Impact Management & Measurement frameworks that are a direct fit for your organisation. Our specialist Consultants have a wealth of experience available to help you manage every aspect of your project.





CSR Host Consultancy

‘Helping you overcome your most complex challenges & achieve your goals with our great team of experts’. We’ll help you to make your business a great success!