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Impact Management

Impact Management Culture

Simple Processes

Impact Management is an impact framework that is practical and enduring, and can share insights through effective communication. Embed your commitment to improving via your website, reports, content generation, or other media, and demonstrate how a motivated team can deliver successful results. Ask the questions:

  • What has changed for you?
  • Was that expected?
  • Has anything else happened?
  • What did that lead to?
  • Out of all of these changes, which is the most important to you?
  • Would that have happened anyway?
  • Who else has helped with this?​


Build a solid foundation. This is the point where the most appropriate data is collected, assessed and reported.

As social interventions are increasingly required to deliver higher standards in impact measurement, it is crucial to stay ahead of the curve. Find the most appropriate tools to collect, assess and demonstrate our impact.


What we measure is important simply because it shapes our approach to the intervention. By measuring what matters, you will be able to gain credibility with funders, donors and public. Not to mention the insights you will gather.


Effective and accurate reporting ensures the right data is easily understood and accessible. Whether it is investors or an internal board, impact reports should highlight what matters most, whilst proving the positive impact and progress you have made and explanations for any shortfalls.

"impact management is about creating a participatory culture within your organisation"


There has never been a better time to measure your impact and take accountability for the role your organisation plays in the world


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