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CSR Host Consulting

We are a results-driven organization that places people at the heart of all our operations. Utilizing our extensive management consultancy expertise, we endeavor to provide reliable and innovative solutions. 

Our team will collaborate with you to align your objectives with competitive strategies and support your team to ensure successful implementation. We offer a range of core specializations across seven interconnected areas that can be delivered individually or as a comprehensive consultancy package. We believe in corporate citizenship and the implementation of responsible business practices that benefit society.

As such, we help organizations to integrate social responsibility, renewable solutions, and circular economy models to enhance efficiency, and reduce costs.

practical advice

Enterprise Consulting

Delivering growth allied to social impact, crucially demands a strategic roadmap, with a research based approach to consulting and deep knowledge of the social landscape.

circular business models

Circular Economy

Being a responsible citizen, creating social value, saving resources, increasing your profitability, entering new markets, and making your value proposition circular by design, to become future ready.

Plan to thrive

Strategic Business Planning

Every successful business is founded on and guided by sound strategic & operational planning, and a thorough oversight of its external environment and internal strengths and weaknesses.

track your business

Impact Management

Impact management is about embedding effective evaluation tools within your organization and creating a culture that supports decision-making. Evaluation, ought to be core to every intervention.

stakeholders matter

ISO 26000

ISO 26000 is a Social Responsibility standard that will guide and prepare your organisation to operate in a socially responsible way, both internally and externally, where your stakeholders are considered in each decision.


ESG Guidance

'For economic development to continue into the future, all aspects of life such as human social elements and the environment needs to be preserved too'

Case Mix

Data analysis - our data analysis cases

Consultancy Cases
Social Impact Cases
Business Cases

Our Practice drivers are  Innovation and Circular Economy. 

We carefully guide you through the crafting of your strategic plans, and remain at your service through implementation.

Helping you to conceptualise and frame your business to deliver on innovative strategies.

Squaring the circle by providing up to point impact management coaching and evaluation to prove and improve your impact.


CSR Host Consultancy

‘Helping you overcome your most complex challenges & achieve your goals with our great team of experts’. We’ll help you to make your business a great success!