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Strategic Transformation

With opportunities for innovation at an all-time high due in part to advancements in technology, changing ecosystems and a more informed consumer, both privately held and social enterprises continue to seek new ways through which to improve and strengthen their value proposition, business processes, procedures, contribution to sustainability to create new customer value and maintain profitability.

Our team of consultants are ready to help. We include strategists, sustainability practitioners, ESG and social value practitioners, evaluation experts and statistical analysts. You can rely on our in-house expertise as well as that of our wider partners.



Our Consultancy offering follows an objective and independent advisory approach through which we add knowledge and resources to your latent skills to help you to reach your stated objectives.  Our focus is on directly identifying strategic and operational challenges to deliver tested systematic solutions.  

We achieve this with the help of deep research, surveys, statistical analyses, scenario planning and evaluation management, identifying and seizing new business model opportunities, and where required, assisting in the implementation of emergent solutions. 

what we do (broadly)

Consulting Elements

Technical & Advisory Services

Technical services for decision making

Strategic Business Plans

A strategic business plan is a critical management tool carefully crafted to illuminate the path to set goals.

Business Cases

Treasury Green Book Business Cases from Strategic Outline Case development to Full Business Case 

Statistics & Analytics

Expert Statistical analysis, Econometrics, and Data Science – machine learning 

Environmental, Social & Governance

Your stakeholders are increasingly basing their decisions on your ESG credentials.

5 Advisory services for growth


Tax incentives for SME investment

We deliver guidance and resources for Investment Tax Relief & Enterprise Investment Schemes which can help secure investment and build stronger long term investor relationships.  


Strategic advice for social orgs

Finding a route through the social investment ecosystem to arrive at the right fit for your enterprise can be challenging. We prime your organisation for the best value chain.  


Seed investment readiness

Preparing your company for investors takes more than a winning product. Our business planning tools produce powerful linkages between your strategic direction and theirs.  


Tender & bid-writing resources

We deliver guidance and resources for your Bid-writing.

With over 150 tenders uploaded to portals every working day, there is an opportunity for almost every business and enterprise to access new business.


Coaching, training & teaching resources

In addition to delivering bespoke training, we provide guidance and coaching across a range of disciplines, including :
- ESG Readiness
- Investor Readiness
- Product Readiness and Validation
- Scaling & Growth


A Personal Service

Making a Start

Our initial consultation process allows us to explore the components of your enterprise. This can be carried out in person, online, or a combination of both. We establish the key objectives and discuss how we can deliver these objectives.

Initially, after you instruct us, we will require a more detailed knowledge of your business, which involves analysing:

  • The Business Structure
  • Value Chain and Resources 
  • Clients/Customers/Users
  • Your Team(s)
  • Technology
  • Operations
  • Financial Models

Analysing every aspect of your business is the key to determining the difference between you and your competitors. 

Client Satisfaction

Social Enterprises
% 'tage of case load ytd 73%

Privately Owned Businesses

Get to know each other

Let us start with an informal discussion about your requirements. A site or company visit always strengthens our understanding of your requirements

Understanding the Issues

In some cases this involves a simple fact finding exercise. In others, a few days spent working with you and your team  are required to explore the issues.

Determining your goals

A number of management tools are available to determine the positioning of your business and to create frameworks around which we can jointly deploy tasks.

CSR Host Consulting is truly a cut above the rest. They provided me with an excellent business plan. They were very professional and passionate about getting the result for the customer. I would highly recommend.

Natalie Johnson

We have worked with Hugh Thompson of CSR Host Consulting since 2012. Hugh has acted as a Consultant & Project Manager for our Heritage Lottery Fund grant application for Listed Places of Worship and delivery of our Community Engagement Programme. Hugh was the catalyst for our success in the first phase and as such, was retained for the second phase which has been equally successful. Hugh’s advice and input has helped our organisation in achieving our aims and objectives and helped deliver social value that has had a positive impact in the local community which will be remembered for many, many years.

Vijay Singh MSc MRICS

As a small business that just opened up shop prior to the pandemic, CSR Host Consulting have provided guidance in the areas of client acquisition, territory management, asset management etc., during these trying times. I would not have been able to navigate what I thought would be a slow year until CSR Host Consulting showed me the advantages that I had over competitors. CSR Host Consulting positioned me as a sustainable niche cleaning service provider where I was able add-on Covid-19 disinfecting services, utilizing my previous laboratory background!

C Lyttle

Hugh has extensive knowledge, as well as connections, within the social finance field and is able to quickly identify solutions that will work for a range of VCSE organizations. CSR Host are very easy to work with and bring a strategic focus to their work, as well as great attention to detail. Hugh and I have worked together to deliver workshops and support around funding and finance for social enterprises, as well as delivering several pieces of consultancy (with either a strategic focus or impact measurement focus). Hugh's methodical approach, alongside his attention to detail, is perfect for collecting and analyzing impact data, as well as for producing high-quality reports.

Heidi Fisher MBE



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CSR Host Consultancy

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