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Phase 1 will normally will kick off with an interview about your case, leading to initial contracting. The process includes:

  • Exploring the problem
  • At this stage you determine whether we are the right fit for your case
  • Out of this phase we define the problem; the methods to be used; the data to be collected; and how long will it take.
  • If we have worked on a complex case we report our findings from phase 2.
  • With consultation we decide on how we proceed. This involves goal setting & selecting the best action steps.
  • The fourth step of the consulting process involves implementing the solution decided upon. This is normally where you take the reins, however we can remain embedded in the process if required.
  • In most cases phase four kicks off with a series of meetings to introduce some change. It may require a single meeting to get different parts of the organization together to address a problem.
  • We remain in the picture to evaluate how effective the implementation process(es) have been in delivering the solution.



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