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01 Strategic Business Plans


A comprehensive, carefully crafted business plan is essential to the success of entrepreneurs and corporate managers. Whether you are starting a new business, seeking additional capital for new product lines, or proposing a new activity in a corporate division, you will never face a more challenging writing assignment than the preparation of a business plan. Developing a business plan enables you to test the soundness of your start-up or programme, validate a project or move an established business forward. Even highly experienced executives and entrepreneurs have much to gain from our planning process and tools.



    • We use structured frameworks to generate fact-based strategy around which we gather data and analysis. This allows us to sketch out a roadmap for research and analysis of your offering (product or service) the market and your competitors. 
    • Detailed scenario planning is then be applied to review the PESTLE environment in which your enterprise competes, and a SWOT allows a strategic map to be developed.
    • Financial projections can be granular or high level as required, to forecast the best route to profit. In some cases, we work on a pricing model, which can extensively review your entire value chain. We use Ratio Analysis where required to ensure a robust business plan, ready for investors, or simply to give you a track to run on.

Annual Business Planning Cycle

If you are reviewing an existing business plan, or beginning the process of compiling a new strategic business plan for the next fiscal year, here is how we can help:

    • By reviewing your proposed plan and providing guidance
    • Solving challenging aspects of the plan
    • Working with your team to facilitate scenario planning frameworks and processes
    • Publishing the plan over required media

 We have enjoyed compiling strategic business plans for numerous clients over the years: Children’s Homes in Sandwell and Sheffield; Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) Clinics in Yorkshire and Scotland; Residential Care Homes and Community Care Practices; Restaurants; Small businesses in manufacturing; Proof of concept business modelling; EdTech and FinTech start-ups to name a few.



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