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04 Business Cases

Is this scheme good value when all the cost and benefits are taken into account, or would it be better to invest in an alternative?

A robust business case is key to achieving investible projects with optimal outcomes.

All organisations are impacted by socio-economic, political, regulatory, environmental and technological uncertainties. In these environments an objective, robust optioneering and appraisal process really delivers the case for securing investment with a view to effective infrastructure.

Business case processes ensure the chosen solutions accomplish the desired outcomes.

The business case process is crucial to producing appraisals for solution against alternatives, and the do nothing scenario. The process incorporates a multicriteria canvas that accurately assesses the costs and benefits of a scheme, incorporating the economic, social and environmental impacts of each option.

These analyses highlight the potential outcomes and how they are distributed can reveal an outsized positive or negative effect of an intervention on some sub-groups or regions.  

The Five Case Model

Business cases are typically structured around the iterative five-case model, with appropriate detail applied to each case as the scheme proposal develops.

      • The strategic case
      • The economic case
      • The commercial case
      • The financial case
      • The management case


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