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About Us

About Us


Triple Bottom Line Aims

CSR Host Consulting is a triple bottom line consultancy (People, Planet, Profit). It is our mission to deliver improved methods,  innovative tools  and guidance to drive business performance. sustainable processes & practices that positively impact your 

business, then support you in developing methods and working practices and then embed them throughout your business or organisation.


Service Aims

Our clients perspective is our starting point. By going that extra mile, we ensure each of our relationships are collaborative and long lasting. Our passion, commitment and energy are directed at helping both private & social enterprises, and public organisations sit within increasingly complex environments, and survive changing landscapes’. 

Our aim is to guide you to compete successfully in a sustainable enterprise environment, benefitting from the efficient application of resources.We aim to be as comprehensive in our delivery, making this a strategic & operational roadmap incorporating ‘walk throughs’ of financing solutions.

Your Business

Our Approach


We stay objective and are accountable for the numbers. We reduce disruption by complimenting the culture of our clients.


Each of our consultants commit 100% focus to get a full understanding of each assignment, leaving no stone unturned in delivering measurable value.


We put people first, yours and ours. Teams function at their best when every team member is given the best resources and environment within which to function.


Who are we?

We are a boutique Generalist Consulting Firm working within a network of Consultants with a depth of expertise. We provide Strategic Advice to Privately Held SME’s, Local Authorities and Charities, Social Enterprises and Sole Proprietors. 

For over 10 years we have delivered innovative strategic and operational solutions for our clients including strategic road maps to master CSR and Community Involvement; Developed companies and organisations to position well in attracting funding and attaining investment readiness; Helped to research and craft detailed Business Plans with a view to attracting investment; Business Case development including Treasury Green Book Methodology allied to Managed Project Management; and Market Making looking at new innovative ways of doing sustainable business.

Hugh Thompson

Hugh Thompson MSc

Hugh Thompson is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 30 years experience. During that time, he has provided consultancy services to companies & organisations throughout the globe.

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Hugh's passion for social enterprise is evident in the number enterprises he has helped bring to success over many years. Turning his focus to environmental issues in 2003, with a leaning to conservation, Hugh has been a vocal participant in the circular economy discourse, CE business modelling and the resource efficiency conversation for over 12 years. 

Hugh has helped to equip companies with functional, operational, and value chain expertise, drawing on his broad experience in the fields. He is an advocate for the adoption of circular economy by SME's allied to innovative finance models . 

Dr Leigh Champagnie a

Leigh Champagnie PhD

Dr Leigh Champagnie is an educator, engineer and sociologist, with over thirty years’ experience in the fields of engineering, sustainability and construction.

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Leigh specialises in researching and lecturing sustainability, and recently investigated the factors which may be inhibiting or promoting the uptake of renewable energy in the United Kingdom. Leigh’s expertise straddles many fields, having worked as a civil engineer for many years and operated his own construction company. A firm advocate of sustainability, renewable energy and corporate social responsibility (CSR), Leigh regularly designs and patents devices which are aimed at “putting the world to rights”; also, novel sustainable products and services, some of which are currently in the prototype and product development stages.


Karen Grierson MSc

Karen Grierson brings a diverse range of entrepreneurial knowledge and strategies with a demonstrated history of working in the consumer services industry. Skilled in Marketing Management, Business Planning, Coaching, Sales, and Retail.

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A strong entrepreneurship professional with an MSc International Business, Karen lectures at Sheffield Hallam focusing on International Business.


S M Mamun Ar Rashid MBA

Mamun Rashid is our business modelling expert. He specialises in delivering data analytics, statistical methods, and machine learning among other valuable areas of analytical expertise.

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Mamun's strategic planning expertise extends to corporate strategy, techno-economic valuation modelling and analysis, data mining and business analytics, data science and statistical methods. Mamun develops bespoke programming and data mining tools, including Python, R, MATLAB, GraphPad, SPSS, STATA, SQL, PowerBI, QlikView, and Tableau. Our consultants are required to each have project management skills.

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Questions And Answers

By only engaging casework that can be delivered successfully, CSR Host Consulting has retained a very high success rate.
Our fees are very reasonable and vary from case to case. They are tailored to your budget, which means you can spread our services over a defined period. Please visit our Terms of Business page to read about our general fee policy and other policy commitments.
The process for consultancy is well framed. We will generally have review your enquiry before presenting you with a set of tasks that will achieve your objectives. You can see the process at the following link 
Yes, phone and mobile phone lines are open from 9am until 18:30 Monday to Saturday. You can always find someone at the other end of the phone.
We provide pro bono services on a regular basis. Once retained by a charity, we can discuss which elements of our work can be provided on a volunteering basis.
A problem solving approach requires a comprehensive understanding of your enterprise. So, we listen to every detail, exhaust the possible solutions, and structure a personalised case for your enterprise.
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CSR Host Consultancy

‘Helping you overcome your most complex challenges & achieve your goals with our great team of experts’. We’ll help you to make your business a great success!